Mauritius Appraisal

Mauritius Inspection Requirements and Country Regulations

 Required documents for applications (one of the following)
  • Vehicle inspection certificate (shakensho) Copy OK
  • Temporary cancellation registration certificate (ichiji masho) Copy OK
  • Export certificate (massho) Copy is OK for application, but original is required before issuing certificate
  • Certified English translation of auction documentation
 Timing of CoC issuance
  • The original export certificate must be sent to the EAA Head Office by post
  • After passing the inspection and within three working days of confirmation of the original export certificate, the EAA head office will send the certificate and the original export certificate by post
 Expiration Date of the Certificate
  • Loading must be completed within 4 months from the date of inspection pass (calendar days)
 Period during which re-inspection is free
  • Within 30 (calendar) days from the date of the first inspection.
  • (Please note these are calendar days and not business days)
  • (e.g. vehicle fails inspection on 5/01/2023 should be re-inspected by 4/02/2023)
 Availability of on arrival inspection
  • Unvailable
 Export regulations
  • The vehicle must have an auction grade of 3.5 or higher
  • Year regulation applies at the time of inspection
    Between 18 months and 4 years after first registration (standard vehicles)
  • 18 months to 3 years or less since first registration (multi-purpose vehicles)
  • Within 6 years (lorries), 4 years (vans) and 3 years (buses) from the first registration
  • Right-hand drive vehicles are allowed
  • Stolen vehicles and water-damaged vehicles are not allowed
  • Odometer tampering is not allowed