St. Lucia Roadworthiness

St. Lucia Inspection Requirements and Country Regulations

 Required for applications (one of the following)
  • Vehicle inspection certificate (shakensho) copy OK
  • Temporary cancellation registration certificate (ichiji masho) copy OK
  • Export certificate (massho) copy OK
 Timing of CoC issuance
  • Can be downloaded within 3 working days after inspection passed
  • (This applies to Clients who have registered for e-Cert Portal access)
  • Otherwise e-Certificates will be emailed to Exporter
 Expiration Date of the Certificate
  • Valid for 6 months from the date of inspection pass to arrival in St. Lucia
  • Based on arrival date into the St. Lucia
 Period during which re-inspection is free
  • Within 30 (calendar) days from the date of the first inspection.
  • (Please note these are calendar days and not business days)
  • (e.g. vehicle fails inspection on 5/01/2023 should be re-inspected by 4/02/2023)
 Availability of on arrival inspection
  • Available (however not recommended)
  • Inspection fee of $150.00 plus a penalty applies
  • If vehicle does not pass the on-arrival inspection, must be removed at Importers cost
 Export regulations
  • No age restrictions
  • Left-hand or right-hand drive is OK
  • All season tires are OK. Winter, Snow or studless tyres not allowed
  • Tire regulations: no more than 48 months (week/month confirmed from tire engraving) If cannot be confirmed entry is not allowed
  • Tyres must be within 48 months at the time of inspection
  • tyre regulations also apply for spare tyres, except space saver
  • Odometer tampering is not allowed